Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Paper Palace

Finally- I am working on my new space for my papercrafting. My dh and I decided I needed my own space and it is time for me to move out of the dining room. So....we decided on a cottage shed (10x14). I hope it is enough room for me and a few of my friends and it will be as long as I keep the decorating to a minimum. I ordered the shed and they built it, delivered and a had a hell of a time getting into my backyard. However, with some prayers and perserverance it worked it is finally in the yard awaiting completion. The only thing is the weather is not so great today so it has put a little of a damper on things.

This the spot for the shed

Although, it wont be able to get to the spot without going through this mini forest in my yard and that had me worried.

However, it was delivered

.......and the process of fighting to get it in the yard begins


this little gadget he is riding on is guiding the shed to the backyard....i thought this was the coolest thing. I guess I am a city girl and never saw anything like other than a standard fork lift.

and he guide it through the side yard and narrowly missed the deck.....all the trees you saw earlier in the post made it pretty difficult for him to make it to "the spot", but finally it made it there.
Now to get to the good stuff getting the walls, insulation, paint and flooring.
The grand finale will be MOVE IN DAY!!!!!!
STAY TUNED................................

Monday, February 16, 2009

Chipboard Album

Baby album for my friend. However, the baby is 2 years old now....lol

Valentine Teacher Gifts


These are the Valentine's I made for the girls in my son's class.


Welcome to my crafting blog.

I am so happy you stopped by. This is where I will do a weekly posting of my weeks creations and updates. I should have a lot to post in the coming weeks as I am now participating in two swaps on the Cricut MB. I hope you all enjoy. I am not easily offended so I welcome all feedback constructive and otherwise.

Thanks and come again.